The best Business VPN for your Company

VPN for Corporate Use vs. Private Use

A virtual private network is a form of secure connection which is used by both company and personal computer users all around the globe.

There is a VPN effective at supplying users with increased security attributes making it hard for a third party to monitor their actions while connected to the Internet. In addition, it keeps people from obtaining use of information transmitted over a network connection.

VPNs are utilized in various manners which make them useful alternatives to both worlds while the advantages of them are largely the same for both groups of men and women.

What a business VPN does for you:

  • It protects your original IP Address which may directly identify your company.
  • You can utilize discreet business intelligence from other countries and protect your identity
  • Create a secure connection from anywhere in the world to your office
  • Travel the world without internet restrictions and unblock content from home in countries with censorshop like China or the UK.
  • Secure your personal and business emails
  • Protect passwords, personal data and credit card data from being stolen
  • Protect your online activity from being logged and analyzed
  • and many more things which help you protect your company online

VPN for Company Use

One important advantage of virtual private network connections for company use is they enable users to access the intranet of a company’s in a manner that is safe while traveling outside work. For instance, VPNs can make use of the VPN connection to access the job network and perform exactly the same kinds of jobs they could if they were in the office when a worker needs to remain home from work because of health or another personal motives.

The worker is the company nearly anywhere with an Internet connection specialists do not have to be concerned about viruses or other kinds of intrusions intruding on the network as well as really capable of being productive from IT. The aforementioned kind of VPN is called a „remote access“ connection. Of course it is advisable to do a deep background check on your employees which have the freedom to work remotely.

Virtual private networks can also be an established strategy of both securely and cost-effectively connecting several distinct company places collectively over one network. In a normal office position, all computers are connected to one another using the exact same local network. Files can be shared by a computer user on a single side with someone about the different side of the building as a result of the network.

A virtual private network allows for the exact same organization only on a bigger scale. Using a VPN, a user in a office could send a user in an identical firm situated in nyc or la info in a secure way. The aforementioned kind of VPN is called a „site to website“ connection. These kinds of connections also can be utilized to establish a link between two networks which aren’t running on the same kind of technology.

Your benefits of a business VPN:

  • A business VPN provides you a secure tunnel through the internet so you can focus on your core business
  • It provides Military grade encryption – avoid goverment / ISP / industry espionage
  • Multiple protocols: OpenWeb, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, StealthVPN, RouterPro VPN and IKEv2.
  • Secure your business on mobile and desktop devices at the same time.
  • Good Providers offer 24 / 7 / 365 Business Support
  • Reduce your operating costs compared to a „selfmade“ solution
  • You have one central internet access to filter websites and block unwanted content
  • Securely transmit your backups on a central server
  • A good business VPN is available on adsl / sdsl / fibreglass lines

VPN for Private Use

The uses are primarily ones of security and identity protection while online in regards to private users. Virtual private networks are easily used to link to some form called a proxy server.

A proxy server functions as a kind of middle man between the advice as well as the computer user they want to get online. Although you had been attempting to get a certain web site but were stressed the site system administrator would have the capacity to glean information regarding place or your pc, you can route the connection by means of a proxy server.

The website system administrator would just have the ability to gain access to information on the server rather than about your network connection that is real. Proxy servers facilitate that additional degree while the connection is facilitated by the virtual private network .

VyprVPN Corporate VPN

VyprVPN is a good choice of virtual private networks (VPN) for corporate clients as it does offer a 30 days money back guarantee so any business users can really check out the advantages of VPNs prior to keeping the subscription.

When business customers sign up for the VyprVPN they can select the basic plan for three employees up to a maximum of 20, for numbers over 20 it’s recommended to speak with the customer sales team direct to negotiate the best deals and services.

There are many advantages to signing up for VPNs, the major ones being protecting online security and enhancing employee privacy when using the Internet. The company provide dedicated account managers to ensure a smooth and reliable service for business users. Companies that have employees travelling on a regular basis and needing to access the Internet from mobile devices and a number of different locations will appreciate the security aspects of VPNs immensely. Where employees cannot access the company site due to Internet blocks and censorship, it’s an easy matter to log into an appropriate server and obtain easy access to the company site, with secure encryption of all data transfers.

Where employees need to use the Internet for competitor research or pricing details, securely encrypted VPN tunnels give anonymous IP addresses which cannot be tracked back to any business user or company address.

The VyprVPN interface is simple to use and manage and gives administrator privileges for adding and removing employees and limiting access, so any business is in complete control of the VPN. All business users registered on the service will have simultaneous VPN services from two devices, so it’s possible to use a mobile device and laptop/desktop at the same time.

VyprVPN has a worldwide network of servers, so accessing blocked or restricted media channels or sites around the world is simple, when the best server location is chosen. The service is also speedy, as confirmed by a number of independent reviews of different servers. This service also provides free cloud storage for customers, which is a great way to ensure data safety for mobile employees.
They operate servers in New Zealand, China, South Korea, Austria, Ireland, UK, Italy, Canada, Australia, Finland, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, France, Romania, Malaysia, Iceland, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Czech Republic, USA, Luxembourg, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Poland and Lithuania.

Any corporate client looking to increase Internet security and anonymity should really check out the VyprVPN thoroughly by taking advantage of the 30 days money back guarantee. There are so many positive aspects to this service, and the provider has been operating within the Internet security field since the 1990s, so they know what they are doing. They own and operate their own server network, so there’s no additional risk of third party eavesdropping by way of interference through servers and write all their own software for the VPN.

The VyprVPN is easy to download, via apps to mobile devices or computers and the company offer a reliable customer service and support service, which does include LiveChat, so problems can be resolved instantly. The added benefit of a dedicated business account manager means business users can take advantage of a great support package to ensure their experience with VyprVPN meets required standards. They don`t save logfiles (verified by Leviathan Security Group)!

GoTrusted Corporate VPN

GoTrusted provides a reliable and secure VPN for business and corporate customers and is available on seven day free trial so new customers can thoroughly check out all the options offered. New corporate customers do initially need to discuss their requirements with the GoTrusted sales team in order to set up custom VPN plans that are geared towards their business needs.

Business users can choose between a GoTrusted plan for businesses with five to 100 employees, or a plan for enterprise business clients with more than 100 employees. The prices for private individuals are fixed at a set monthly rate, however business users need to speak direct with the GoTrusted sales team to set up accounts and discuss pricing plans. Where new customers take advantage of the free seven day trial, they do need to set up a price plan in advance, so if the service is not acceptable the price plan needs cancelling within the seven day trial period.

GoTrusted has been providing VPN services since 2005 and has servers in a variety of worldwide locations. The service provided is top quality, with good speeds and customer support. The provider is based in the United States and does have online chat support available during daytime office hours for customers experiencing problems with the VPN, there is also an email ticketing system for problems experienced during out of hours times.

These countries are among the server locations: Hong Kong, Germany, USA, England, Ireland, Japan and Singapore.

Any business wishing to ensure the security of employees when they are online is well advised to take a VPN plan with a provider such as GoTrusted. If workers need to access the Internet from mobiles while working away from the office base, the secure encryption of the GoTrusted VPN makes sure their data is protected at all times, no matter where they happen to be. Workers based overseas and frequent travellers will find the benefits of VPN services are immense.

Many countries don’t have reliable access to common web services such as the Google business suite, with a VPN it’s possible to change the IP address of the originating device so that access to blocked or censored sites and services is available at all times. Services that are geo-restricted and only available within their origin country or location can also be accessed using the VPN, it’s just a case of choosing the most appropriate server location.

The benefit of having choices of anonymous IP address when using the Internet are countless. Business users needing to conduct sensitive business research on competitors and brands will find that hiding behind the anonymous VPN allows them to correspond with anybody and any business with true freedom, safe in the knowledge their IP address does not give away their location or company details. Some business users may find that using a variety of different IP addresses to source information gives more reliable information, for example when researching SEO keywords.

Check out the full service from GoTrusted by taking advantage of their free seven day trial, once you’ve signed up with a reliable VPN provider you’ll be unlikely to want to change your mind!

PureVPN Corporate VPN

PureVPN is one of the most professional VPN providers on the market, so any business looking for corporate VPN services really should check out this company. A new facility offered to business users is the DDOS protection, which allows customers protection against any denial of service attacks.

PureVPN may not be the cheapest corporate VPN provider, but it makes up for this with the quality of service and guaranteed protection and anonymity on the Internet. New customers can take advantage of the three-day money back guarantee to really check out the service thoroughly. Businesses can sign up for plans for five/ten/fifteen user accounts, or custom build their service plan with the sales team, if more accounts or additional services are required.

Corporate clients needing to protect the integrity of employee data transfers while using mobile Internet services will find PureVPN gives the secure encryption they need, alongside a host more benefits. When market research or competitor investigations need to be undertaken the anonymity of VPN allocated IP addresses means no business need be concerned of its activities being tracked back to headquarters. What’s more when employees travel overseas, the VPN ensures they will have constant access to all required sites, no matter where they happen to be in the world.

PureVPN provides seven protocols, so customers can choose their own levels of security online and remote access to the company site will always be secure when the PureVPN service is activated.

Customer support is available via live chat 24/7, so employees can always access expert assistance if they do experience problems with using the VPN. It’s easy to download the PureVPN apps to any device and each account will have simultaneous connectivity for up to five devices.

Any business having legitimate concerns about Internet privacy, eavesdropping or hacking will appreciate the security they achieve with this provider and speeds with PureVPN are pretty fast too, so there won’t be any significant productivity slowdowns. Remote working employees will be pleased to operate under the umbrella of VPN protection, as public WiFi spots can be notoriously insecure and present significant hazards to Internet users.

Any employees working overseas may find regular sites blocked or restricted, while accessing the office website can also be hazardous from some parts of the world. With the protection of PureVPN employees have the ability to bypass all restrictions and log into their regular sites and Internet services using servers based in different parts of the world, which allocate anonymous IP addresses. For the overseas employee this is a godsend and when it comes to their leisure time they can use the different VPN servers to access their favourite TV and movie streaming sites from home, or any other location.

Countries, PureVPN has servers in: Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Latvia, Italy, USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Brasil, Turkey, China, Luxembourg, France, Egypt, UK, Malaysia, Ukraine, Romania, Australia, Hungary, Hong Kong, Panama, Singapore and Russia.

All in all, PureVPN provide a slick service that is excellent on desktops, laptops and mobile devices and the excellent customer support that’s in place does mean that any problems are solved at the earliest convenience, before they cause any major concerns to the business customer.

SwitchVPN Corporate VPN

Switch VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) provider based in India and has servers located in more than 25 countries across the world. This provider offers corporate clients a fairly reasonable price plan for up to ten accounts. Additional employee accounts can be ordered, for an extra charge. Customers receive unlimited bandwidth and the service is activated just as soon as plans are put in place.
These servers are in Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore and Sweden.

The Switch VPN service is available for a number of protocols and the software can be easily downloaded to a full range of desktop/laptop and mobile devices. The company just provide one business plan for corporate users which is discounted if the plan is taken over longer periods of time, up to one year. The service is compatible on all devices and the company website provides detailed guidelines so users will have no problems setting the VPN up. From a security perspective, this provider does give good service as it uses the stronger version of OpenVPN encryption, so business users can rest assured of anonymity when using the Internet.

Customer support is available via live chat or an email ticketing system and there is also a customer forum for user queries and problems to be discussed. Speed tests of the Switch VPN service proves quite speedy overall according to online reviewers. The company also provides a 30-day money back guarantee, so any business user experiencing problems with this service can claim a full refund within the first month of use.

The benefits of corporate VPN assist many small to medium sized business to ensure privacy, security and anonymity on the Internet. Businesses needing to conduct competitor research will find the anonymous IP addresses allocated by the Switch VPN servers mean their queries cannot be traced back to the company offices. Where employees need to use public WiFi hotspots during the course of the working day the VPN provides protection and security for all data transmissions.

Employees working overseas will really benefit from the addition of a VPN to the business software, as they can access websites from anywhere in the world by simply changing their server location. This is particularly important if they are working from countries where blocking or censoring takes place as a matter of course. Simply changing the server location to one in the United States or Europe should ensure all major websites can be easily accessed. The secure encryption of the VPN also ensures that all emails, business correspondence and data transfer remain private and cannot be accessed by eavesdroppers or hackers.

In this modern Internet world where eavesdropping and hacking is becoming more commonplace it makes sense for all business and corporate users to ensure the complete safety of business correspondence as it can be a very costly exercise if sensitive information gets into the wrong hands. Signing up for VPN services is the best way to make sure employees are protected at all times while they use the Internet for work purposes, no matter where they happen to be located.

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