What are the advantages of trading via VPS?

In Forex trading, traders can take advantage of a number of ways to simplify trading. One of these is called automated trading with Expert Advisor. Since the Forex market is open almost around the clock, a computer with MetaTrader must also be active without a break. On a normal PC the operation of automated trading systems can hardly be realized permanently. Alternatively, you can operate your own server or rent a computer center.

A Virtual Private Server is cheaper. For Forex traders there is a special solution called Forex VPS, which offers advantages for both professionals and beginners. Forex VPS Server Germany fulfils general and special requirements for Forex trading via MetaTrader.

Forex VPS Server: Important facts at a glance

  • Expert Advisor is active around the clock, even after switching off the PC
  • Log in at any time via PC or Smartphone – Remote Access
  • No power outages or restarts – stable performance
  • High availability of 99.9999%.
  • Constant service without restart
  • Server guarantees high network connection speed
  • own IP address for Forex VPS

Before you decide to open an account, compare them using this choice of trading vservers.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual computer on which any kind of application can be installed. This refers to applications for more demanding web projects. While virtual servers used to be considered susceptible to failure because too many customers often used the limited resources, the picture today is quite different. In the meantime, the technology has been greatly improved and individual VPS servers have been prepared to meet customer requirements. Thus, VPS servers offer sufficient performance and storage capacity for actually every project. Many VPSs are hosted in server farms or clouds. The advantages are that VPS servers can be easily scaled. If a customer needs more performance, one click is usually sufficient to increase the hosting costs.

You can use a VPS to host your Metatrader Expert Advisor and secure extra protection when trading foreign exchange. The advantages of a round-the-clock Expert Advisor can only be exploited under certain conditions. On the one hand, a stable Internet connection to the respective Forex broker must be guaranteed. On the other hand, the application must run permanently.

If this is to be done over a longer period of time, this is associated with a certain amount of effort. The unintentional shutdown of MetaTrader 4, an automatic restart of the PC after an update or a simple computer failure mean that neither new positions can be opened nor open positions can be monitored and closed if necessary.

You neither have to own nor operate your own server. Because with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) there is the optimal alternative. Especially for traders there are so-called Metatrader servers or Forex VPS at providers of VPS solutions. The best way to find suitable providers is to use Forex VPS Comparison.

With a VPS, several customers get the right to use certain resources such as processor power, hard disk and memory of a server located in a data center. Traders share a computer, but each one has a separate area to which only they have access.

Communication takes place via the remote connection of the Windows system to the PC. Administration on the server is as simple as on your own computer. Alternatively, Broker VPS can access the server via smartphone or tablet.
A VPS is a virtual computer that gives customers access to the services they need for web projects of all kinds. The resources of the servers are shared by several customers, whereby an exact allocation of performance parameters is possible. An Internet connection is not necessary for remote communication.

Why use a Forex VPS?

Forex VPS are special servers that allow traders to leave a MetaTrader online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without being online with their PC. When using EAs (Expert Advisor) there are conditions to follow. EAs will constantly automatically evaluate the market and trigger trades if the MetaTrader is connected to the broker’s trading servers via the Internet. When using a VPS, the private computer does not need to be kept online around the clock.

Another important aspect is to reduce the risk of failure of your own hardware. Trading also works when the power supply fails. Traders who only use automated trading systems can continue to receive and trade signals even when the power is switched off.

Another important aspect is the reduction of the failure risk of your own hardware. Trading also works when the power supply fails. Traders who only use automated trading systems can continue to receive and trade signals even when the power is switched off.

With VPS Forex, you are completely independent and tradable at all times. Those who use their PC as a server are subject to certain restrictions. As soon as the PC is switched off, the system stops. With a VPS you can trade comfortably and even sleep.

Companies that operate virtual private servers usually take care of the protection of access and the security of the system. Constant monitoring and updating ensures proper functionality. Often, 99.9 availability is guaranteed.
With Forex VPS, the trader is always connected to his Expert Advisor, even without an Internet connection. Since automated trading systems require a fast connection to the trading servers at all times, a PC that is always switched on is not the ideal solution. A manual trader or with small trading volumes you will get along well without Forex VPS.

Forex VPS Server Germany: What are the requirements for VPS on the Internet?

If you intend to run your Expert Advisor around the clock (or 24/5) every day of the week, regardless of whether your computer is switched on or not, a corresponding hosting solution or a Metatrader server makes sense. The choice should fall on a Metatrader Hosting solution, because the requirements of the trader for the hosting are best met. There are a number of requirements to consider when choosing a server.

A Metatrader hosting offer (see a Forex VPS comparison for details) usually comes with these:

The server operating system is relatively irrelevant for the use of the MetaTrader. Mostly it is a Windows system Windows XP, Server 2008 or Server 2012. Technically it is possible to run MetaTrader on an emulated Windows on a Linux server. For most Forex traders a Windows VPS is the first choice if they want to install the MetaTrader.

The server location is especially important for Forex Scalping Trader, because a connection of the VPS data center to the broker server guarantees the fastest execution. A geographically close location would be useful for a VPS.

For all other traders, the server location does not play such an important role simply because of the ping time to the broker. Ultimately, it depends on the respective Forex strategy whether the trades can be executed much later. With a European broker you should always choose a server location in Europe. Brokers and VPs should preferably be located in the same country. The IP of the Metatrader server can be used to find out the corresponding data center. This is interesting for those who want to rent a server there themselves.

In comparison Forex VPS and a normal hosting solution, maintenance and UpTime probably show the biggest differences. With the normal VPS offer, servers are simply taken off the grid during the day or at night because an update has to be installed. Of course this is not possible at all with MetaTrader Hosting. A MetaTrader server is usually updated outside stock exchange opening hours, on weekends. With some Hostings the customer can decide about the time for an update. Under no circumstances should the hosting provider carry out updates at will.

The server performance plays the same important role for a Metatrader solution as for highly frequented websites. The computing power of a normal web server is sufficient. This does not necessarily apply to many offers in the entry-level segment of web hosting. Here, low price often means a reduction in performance. For most users Metatrader servers with Forex VPS are powerful enough. The Metatrader hosting package can be chosen according to your needs, because Forex VPS vendors always offer performance solutions. Even though most vendors offer the option to switch to a higher server at any time, you should choose a VPS server that meets your needs. Often the change means a new setup of the system.

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