Virtual Reality Extra Training to Help Unsafe Men

The porn studio BaDoinkVR wants to offer courses developed with therapists with synchronized sex toys. VR glasses are not only suitable for virtual roller coaster rides like here in the picture. The porn industry has also discovered them as the latest toy.

VR pornos are shot from the ego perspective of the man

It is no surprise that men get more unsafe in these days,  when even dating platforms use pornstars for their ads. Read more about it at For a long time the field of „Teledildonics“ was an idea of more or less dingy science fiction products: These are technical devices that are controlled via the Internet – with the aim of achieving sexual satisfaction. In the meantime, however, „partial dildos“ actually exist: sex toys that simulate the shape of a penis or vagina – and synchronize vibrations with pornography. If virtual reality pornos are consumed from an ego perspective, masturbation almost feels like real sexual intercourse to users.

Sex courses for men

  • Now BaDoinkVR wants to use the combination of Teledildonics and VR porn to offer sex courses for men.
  • The program was developed in collaboration with the therapist Hernando Chaves and is intended to help those who experience „insecurity and stress“ during or before sex.
  • „Virtual Reality can help to appear in real situations with more self-confidence,“ says Chaves to the Guardian.
  • This helps, for example, when an erectile dysfunction occurs for psychological reasons.


The main actress of the clips is August Ames. She guides users to perform certain breathing exercises or to delay the orgasm. Ames likes to shoot in VR because the movies are „much more intimate,“ she tells the Guardian. Especially in combination with Teledildonics, the video feels like real sex. One of the manufacturers of such devices, for example, is Lovense. Its dildo for women vibrates synchronously with the man’s movements; the reverse variant contracts by means of air pumps and simulates the movements of a vagina. In addition, a second vibration arm ensures that the collision of the bodies in the videos triggers tactile reactions, explains Wired.

Complaints about moaning

Practice shows that users disturb the moaning and the hands of the male performer. „Users complain that it’s ’not my moaning‘ and ’not my hands‘ – but that the penis belongs to the porn star doesn’t scratch them,“ says BaDoink boss Todd Glider. Shooting such videos is extremely tedious because the actors would have to lie there like a statue.

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