VeePN under test: Faster, thanks to over 2,500 servers?

Does VeePN offer the decisive speed advantage over other VPN providers in the test? After all, the VPN client offers you access to 2,500 servers in a total of 39 countries. netzwelt has tested for you how fast and secure you can surf the net anonymously with VeePN and which functions the service offers you.


In the test, VeePN promises access to over 2,500 servers in 39 countries – an exciting candidate for the throne of the best VPN service! Let’s download VeePN for the operating systems Windows 10, Android, iOS as well as for different internet browsers.

In order to find out whether VeePN was convincing in the test, we then tried out the VPN client for a while and took a close look at the interface of the various applications. With which additional functions does VeePN make anonymous surfing in the net safe and how fast are the connections of the countless servers? You’ll find out in the following lines. Let’s start with the ease of use and the variety of apps.

Operation and setup

If you want to set up VeePN on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet, the first thing you need to do is visit our VeePN download page. Here you will find all applications free of charge and virus checked for download. After the installation you start the first VPN connection, because for the basic functions the VPN client doesn’t even ask for an e-mail address or a user name.

Setting up a VPN connection is very easy thanks to tidy menus and preconfigured server lists. What all apps have in common is a large on button that activates secure connections with just one click. With a further click, you then decide which country the VPN connection should be redirected via.

On your PC you also have the advantage that VeePN provides you with several applications at the same time: A system-wide application for the operating systems macOS and Windows 10 and add-ons for internet browsers like Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox. So you can choose if you want all your data traffic to run over the VPN connection or only when surfing in the browser. Thus Windows updates and other programs remain unaffected.

This simple setup and the connection setup with two simple clicks helps beginners to surf the net anonymously even without previous knowledge. If you want to configure exactly which security protocol the service uses, you have to go to the settings of the applications. Here you’ll also get an insight into what other functions VeePN offers you.

Features and Scope

VPN clients route all or part of your data traffic via secure servers abroad. If the connection is interrupted, there is a risk that your smartphone or notebook will automatically connect and reveal information about your IP address. To prevent this, VeePN offers you a so-called „kill switch“. This prevents any connections in case the contact to the secure VPN server is interrupted.

On the desktop PC you can also protect your DNS address. The function „DNS Leak Protection“ avoids that the other side can read information about the address of your DNS server. If your Internet provider blocks streaming portals such as, for example, this function will give you access again.

This function is not available on your smartphone. Instead, you can switch on a dark mode, which will cover the entire app in dark colors. However, unlike the Bullguard VPN service, you will not be able to start VPN connections automatically. Also missing is a feature that automatically selects a country for the VPN connection. And of these VeePN offers you many.

These countries are available for selection

In terms of country selection, VeePN can compete with other services. The service operator owns over 2,500 servers in 39 countries worldwide. You will also find states that are not part of the so-called „14 eyes“. This alliance of different secret services is classified as a security risk by many security experts. The following list shows which countries are available to you with VeePN.

Belonging to the UK-USA alliance is not the only criterion you should consider when selecting countries. If you want to bypass country restrictions, search for countries for which the service is available. The situation is similar when accessing foreign-language streaming catalogs from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co. Whether VeePN is really a good VPN for Netflix can only be determined by a speed test.

Connection speed

Basically you lose speed when surfing over VPN connections. So your data traffic is not routed directly to the other side, but via servers abroad. The further away they are, the greater the loss of speed. Nevertheless, a sufficient number of available servers and high server speeds have a positive effect on speed and keep latencies and losses to a minimum.

In order to find out how high the quality of the available servers is, we have carried out several speed tests with the netzwelt DSL speed test. As countries we have chosen Australia, England and Denmark. For comparison, we used the connection without VPN in our editorial office at the Hamburg Fischmarkt.

VeePN delivered very good results in the speed test. We lost 93 percent of the original download speed for the connection to Australia, but compared to Bullguard VPN this is a very good value. Here our speed was reduced by over 99 percent. For normal Internet surfing you can also use Australian servers with VeePN.

  • The speed over a server in London is even sufficient for large downloads or streaming content in high resolution 4K, provided your internet line is fast enough without VPN connection.
  • When VeePN is activated, we lose just about 33 percent of the original performance.
  • A good value – but it doesn’t quite match the high speeds of the test winners of our VPN best list NordVPN and CyberGhost.

Security protocols, encryption and log files

However, high speeds are not necessary in all application areas – but the security of your VPN connection always plays an important role. How the different security protocols differ for VPN clients can be read in our article „IPsec VPN vs. SSL VPN“. In the apps of VeePN you can switch between the protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2, VeePN Smart TCP and VeePN Smart UDP. So you can easily adapt the encryption of your connections to the respective application area.

The variety of VPN protocols is a special feature of VeePN. It is also praiseworthy that VeePN does not store any log files. These are protocols that some VPN providers store when accessing their servers. Here data accumulates, by which your movements in the Internet can be traced afterwards. What you still have to consider regarding the storage of log files for VPN services, you can read in the linked special.

Setup also possible on routers

Similar to the VPN service Windscribe, VeePN can also be installed on routers. By setting up a VPN connection on your router, you can secure your entire home network at once. In addition, IoT devices such as Smartwatches, refrigerators or Amazon echo speakers receive additional security.

Costs and subscriptions

Without an account you can start your first steps with VeePN! Although functions like the configuration of your router are not available and there are only three countries to choose from, this account is sufficient for a basic impression of the apps and programs. In addition, VeePN does not have a data limit for the available countries Russia, United States of America and the Netherlands. However, you have to expect a speed limit of almost 50 percent.

  1. An upgrade to VeePN Premium is possible in various subscription models. That’s why you pay the least for a five-year subscription. Here you have to pay a one-time fee of 99.99 US dollars (about 90 euros).
  2. If you reduce the term to one year, you pay 69.99 euros once and the monthly costs increase by almost four euros. If you want to pay every month for the service, your account will be debited with 10.99 US dollars (about 9.85 euros).
  3. For all services you can activate up to 10 devices. If you need more, this number will increase to a maximum of 100, but make sure that the subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period.

Once you have decided on a subscription, you can choose between various payment methods. You can choose between payment by credit card, PayPal, payment services such as „instant bank transfer“ and even crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. If you are not satisfied with VeePN, your money will be refunded for 30 days.


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