Surf Anonymously

With the use of a VPN service you can effectively protect yourself against these massive interventions into your privacy, since VPN allows you to surf anonymously. The own IP address is replaced by another, anonymous IP address of the supplier, where many suppliers are thousands of different addresses to choose from. This poses a significant advantage: Since the servers of providers are usually spread over several countries, are IP addresses from many different regions. This enables access to blocked websites and censored content because so geo, IP and other blockages are easily circumvented. With this service, it is therefore possible to request the identity of an American, Russian or accept Dutchman – depending on the countries in which the servers of those sites are. In this way, can be sensitive data – for example on dating or adult portals – playing slightly anonymous and also for sensitive research work – such as journalists, activists or authorities – offers the anonymity immense possibilities.

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